Canmore Octoberfest

Grizzly Paw Brewery ToursCanmore is a truly year round town and our local brewery, The Grizzly Paw, is keen to embrace the European tradition of Octoberfest. Don’t forget you can always book a brewery tour in advance. The temperature may change, the nights may grow longer, but other than the golf courses nothing shuts down. Late September and the beginning of October are the prelude to the winter wonderland which is to come. Canmore thrives in all seasons and the natural beauty of Canmore is enduring. There may not be a Bavarian beer festival, but there are so many bars and restaurants you can make your own! Maybe you are lucky enough to have retired or maybe you can take a week off from work but either way October and November can offer excellent value for money with a week in our beautiful town starting at just $799.00. Remember thats for a condo, not per person and we add no additional fees only the GST (tax) at 5%. Check and Book

Whether you want to walk the trails or just mooch around town and take in some of the many stores and coffee shops, we don’t think you will be disappointed with Canmore’s fall offerings. The town has always had a great tradition of live music and with several art galleries you can enjoy some culture and some of the worlds greatest scenery, all in one day. Even if you are unlucky and hit a rainy spell, all is not lost! Elevation place, Canmore’s indoor playground is only a 10 minute walk away from Canmore Crossing. You can enjoy a gentle swim or you may want to try your hand at something new, like rock climbing. There are always plenty of welcoming and well trained staff on hand to give you the support you need with a new activity.

You are probably not thinking about winter activities this month, but on or around the 10th of November, depending on mother nature, the ski hills will begin to open. We are already looking forward to welcoming some new guests who have booked early for 2019. so you can never book too far in advance. This will also give you the opportunity to plan and cram in as much fun as possible to make the most of your visit.

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