Canmore Is Open

Is Canmore Open?


We trust that this finds you and those around you fit and well. We have seen a few positive changes here in Canmore with the provincial government allowing short term vacation rentals to re-open. You can find more details on the Albertan Governments web site here https://www.alberta.ca/covid-19-travel-advice.aspx under the “Travel within Alberta” Section. Unfortunately it seems that a review of the border opening between Canada and the US will not take place until at least June 22nd. Although as we have learned from this crisis, nothing is set in stone. 

Canmore is more or less fully open for business with some of the phase 3 openings for business being brought forward. Please see the list below. Although back to our point, about nothing being set in stone, phase three of the plan should be taking place on June 12th but lower down the page https://www.alberta.ca/alberta-relaunch-strategy.aspx it is stated TBA .Sorry to say all Hot tubs remain closed in Canmore Crossing. We will issue and update when we have been notified.

Can open with restrictions:


Wellness services such as massage, acupuncture and reflexology

Personal services (aesthetics, cosmetic skin and body treatments, manicures,     
pedicures, waxing, facial treatment, artificial tanning)

Indoor recreation, fitness, and sports, including gyms and arenas

Movie theatres and theatres

Community halls

Team sports

Pools for leisure swimming

VLTs in restaurants and bars (Gaming machines)

Casinos and bingo halls (but not table games)

Instrumental concerts

Is it rude to tell the truth?!

We know it’s a little rude to blow your own trumpet, you would tell your kids or grandkids off for that! However, We have without question refunded all guests who have booked with us direct 100% if they have asked us to do so due to Covid-19 and there have been no penalty charges. Times zones permitting, this has been done by return email. We would like to publicly thank those guests who have either rebooked with us or let us hold onto their funds as the deposit for their return visit. We will be doing our best to offer additional rewards when these guests get to stay with us. Thank you so much, this means a lot to us. Unfortunately we have no control over the OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) as we do not receive any money until after our visitors have arrived. These companies hold onto your money until post arrival. We have noticed that some of them have been a little slow off the mark to pay guests back and although beyond our control, we feel very unhappy about this. It’s just not fair and certainly not the way we would personally do business. We have only been made aware of this as some guests have contacted us directly asking where there refunds are. 

What we are doing

As we have said before we are a family who love to travel and have been just as restricted here in England as are our family and friends in Europe and North America. We all try to exercise some common sense, but as my late, but very smart Dad used to say. “The trouble with common sense is…  it isn’t that common.”!  We commend our fantastic housekeeping team for always keeping our condos clean.  However, In addition to our normal routines, we are complying with all recommendations regarding cleaning as set out by the provincial government. We have removed some non essential items from the condos to reduce the risk to guests and we will be supplying additional cleaning materials for guests who would like to undertake additional cleaning for their own piece of mind. We supply, wash and dry all linens, however, if guests would prefer to bring bedding or towels from home, we would fully understand, but please let us know in advance, you can check bed dimensions on the relevant condos web page on our web site. 

Apartment 406


Apartment 407


Apartment 411


Apartment 405 “C”




Some of the brightest minds in medicine are advising our governments and policy makers. No one can tell if you are or have been infected with Covid and consequently no one can guarantee that any environment is 100% Covid free. Even if you have been tested, you could walk out of the test centre and become infected within seconds. There is also a question of perception of vulnerability. A lady recently swore at me in a lineup for a supermarket, stating that I was not social distancing. I was far more than six feet away, but as she turned away the lady said she was fed up with all this (#&@! It seems this lady didn’t have a real problem with me, but with the situation, she was simply fed up. We get it! 

We wouldn’t wish anyone to stay in our condos and not enjoy themselves and to feel safe. Many of the activities in and around Canmore are outdoor and therefore a little safer, restaurants are either doing take outs or are open with social distancing. Our condos will only be inhabited by our guests, this is not a hotel where thousands of people come and go. We can only do our very best and hope that we can start to welcome guests back to Canmore and to help us support Canmore’s local businesses. 

 Look after those around you and stay safe.

Best wishes

Richard and Dallas

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