Credit card charges can now be passed on to customers

Credit card charges can now be passed on to customers.This was reported on CTV news on the 8th of October. Retailers are now allowed to pass on the cost of credit card processing fees to their customers. Fees can range from one per cent to as much as three per cent for cards. Although this has been on the table for some time the legislation has now come into effect and is at the discretion of the business. 

CBC goes on to say that these charges are ill timed and that a point where some families are finding things tough. CBC also said “The Canadian government needs to step in and cap interchange fees. With the cost of living already so high, it’s unreasonable to add an extra one to three per cent to our bills. This lack of consumer protection is massive negligence on the part of the Canadian government.”

This will certainly not be happening to our guests. We have always tried to make sure that our pricing is clear and fair. We do not add any hidden fees, although it is considered normal to charge taxes on top of retail prices. At the moment this is GST at 5% and tourist levy at 4%. However, be warned, that if you do not book directly with us you may incur additional charges. Online travel agents, like Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO etc. may pass on the card fees. In fairness none of these listing sites have made comment regarding this news at the moment. Watch this space. With millions of transactions in a year, these companies may see an opportunity to maximise profits by passing on credit card fees to guests.  You can find out more from the link below.

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