Flood News Canmore

Hello everyone,

Our thoughts go out to those people in Canmore who have lost their homes. We have been extremely fortunate  that  Canmore Crossing, where we have our condos, has not been effected by the floods to any great extent. The lift is currently out of order and the car park is flooded but the management company is trying to sort this out at soon as possible.  Some of the gas lines in town are broken although our condos use electricity. Most of the damage has been in the Cougar Creek area of town. Which is about a mile from our condos, we are closer to down town, which has remained relatively undamaged. It is still early days, but thanks to the efforts of the local emergency teams repairs and rebuilding have already begun. We are just off the Trans Canada highway which at the moment is closed both sides of Canmore . However, it is a main road of vital importance so will be rebuilt as a priority.  Our manager in Canmore, Sarah, has been doing a fantastic job under very difficult conditions as she lives in town closer to the damaged area. So if you need to contact us please use our email address [email protected] as cell phone cover is patchy at the moment.

So far we are only asking guests who were booked in for this week to rebook. Everyone in town is working overtime to get things back to normal as soon as possible. Naturally everyone in Canmore needs the support of visitors to keep coming, being a major tourist destination. Should we feel that it would not be advisable to travel we would let anyone already booked with us know at once, but our feeling is that the effort in Canmore to recover is going to result in the town being restored to  normality before too long. We will be updating our web site with more information as it comes in and you can follow us on twitter @rircanmore and on Facebook
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