It was recently Dallas’s birthday and  we had decided to go to London to be part of the audience and watch a live breakfast TV show. The only trouble was, breakfast in TV land seems to be very early! This meant that we would have to go up the night before and find accommodation in London. As you know if you search for accommodation on line, you normally get a list of listing web sites. It’s so easy to click on the listing and book. On Booking.com we found a hotel near our location, as there were no vacation rentals close to the studio. The rate for one night was over £350.00 or about $463.37 CAD this seemed a bit crazy, even for London, this was a major chain, nothing fancy. We searched again and found the hotel’s phone number and gave them a call. The booking for the same room was £155.00 around $205.20 CAD A lesson learned!

Where possible, please book direct it’s not all about the money. If you can find a vacation rental at your destination most owners have far more knowlege of a town than a hotel chain.


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