Packing for Canmore

Naturally, this is very dependent on the time of year. With a climate which goes from -30C degrees to +30C degrees Canmore can prove to be a bit of a challenge when packing. Below you can see the average temperatures for Canmore. Our wettest months are normally May and June, but there is still plenty to see and do.

Try to travel as light as possible, don’t forget we have washers and dryers in our condos so you can wash the clothes you have brought with you. You are visiting a mountain town. It’s very unlikely that you will be refused service in a restaurant if you haven’t packed your favourite dress or suit! We recommend layers. Two or three layers of clothes will trap more air and keep you warmer. You can alway take a layer off, but if you’re freezing cold and you haven’t got that extra sweater with you, it could ruin a wonderful evening, dining out under the stars. Don’t forget, even on a hot day, being in the mountains the temperature can drop in the evenings. It is always advisable to have some kind of waterproof outer jacket, this will also stop the wind from cutting through your inner layers.

Although we do supply an iron, rolling clothes can keep creases to a minimum and save on ironing, when you should be enjoying your vacation. Rolling clothes also makes the most of the space in your baggage and think about sharing space in your suitcase. Even it your are driving to Canmore, distributing the weight between the baggage can make life easier, when bringing cases into the condo.

If your going to bring a cell/mobile phone, double check the kind of plan you’re on with your carrier, before you leave home. It can be a very costly mistake to forget this, especially if you are using up data. It is possible to get a local SIM card in Canada or you may be able to add Canada to your phones plan on a temporary basis. Maybe think about using an app like Facebook Messenger or Skype. We have WiFi in our condos and if you’re out and about in Canmore there are lots of free WiFi connections around town.

The wall sockets in our lofted bedrooms do have USB charging ports, but if you’re traveling from outside North America, then bring a power adaptor. Clean hairdryers are supplied for you to use, but there maybe an essential gadget which needs plugging in and you may not be able to live without it.

Plastic bags are always handy when travelling. You can put dirty clothes in them, muddy shoes or even food which you would like to take home with you.

Although this is maybe a bit excessive when travelling in North America, why not photocopy your passport or other ID, just in case it gets lost. You can now store documents on line, in the cloud, once you have scanned them. This may not let you off the hook entirely, but it may save you a lot of time when dealing with the authorities. We have a friend who was travelling and there was a dispute as to if his bag, was in fact his. He had photocopied his passport and put it into each of his bags. Problem solved!

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