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Rentals In The Rockies proudly features the exceptional services of Nick Fitzhardinge Adventure Photography. As a local and one-of-a-kind business, Nick Fitzhardinge Photography offers a wide range of skills in photography and guiding throughout the Canadian Rockies. Whether you are looking for family or event photography, fine art prints, nature photography tours, wilderness photography workshops, or guided hikes, Nick’s expertise will surely exceed your expectations. With a genuine passion for his craft, Nick approaches each shoot and interaction with guests with boundless enthusiasm and a keen artistic eye. Trust Nick Fitzhardinge Photography to capture the beauty and essence of the Rockies in every moment.

This is an excellent opportunity to see The Rockies through the eyes of a local professional guide and photographer. With Nicks, outstanding natural gift, you will certainly pick up some new tips to make your own pictures even better, while enjoying the stunning scenery and wild life in and around the Bow Valley and Canmore.

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When you are on vacation, you are always looking for something new and original to try with your friends and family, constantly hunting out, unique experiences and adventures. Join Nick Fitzhardinge, for a unique experience.

The photography business grew slowly and steadily each year from 2012 onwards once upgrading his gear and doubling down on his passion with 2018 marking the jump to being a full time photographer & the end of side gigs that had helped him along the way. Those gigs included being a construction laborer, a fine dining waiter, picking pine cones, slinging plywood, packing shelves at a grocery store, picking & packing apples, delivering furniture, shoveling snow as well as other opportunistic jobs to fill in around learning & growing as a photographer, which Nick recognizes is a never ending process.

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Nick Fitzhardinge

Phone: +1 403-707-5529

Nick arrived in the Banff area from Australia back in 2007 on a working holiday visa & picked up his first camera at the conclusion of a ski season working at Sunshine Village, a Canon Rebel XTi. It was the Rockies that inspired him to buy that camera, wanting to document the soaring peaks & secret valleys that beckoned during that first 2008 summer. Initially working at Moraine Lake Lodge (where he completed 5 summers total!) & having no vehicle, he set about visiting every inch of the Lake Louise GemTrek topographic map, marking it up with highlighter as he went. No valley, lake, official trail, or complete lack of a trail, was left unturned. Hitchhiking to or from start/end points was the norm. One such adventure took him and a friend from Moraine Lake to Lake Louise via Wenkchemna, Opabin & Abbott Passes, staying at the historical Abbott Pass Hut en route. One highlight on that trip was photographing the milky way for the first time above Mt Lefroy before carefully crossing above the ‘death trap’ and descending via the mystical and improbable Fuhrmann Ledges the following day, finishing down at the iconic Lake Louise shoreline.

Nick is certified by the ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) as a hiking guide with winter accreditation and by the IGA (Interpretive Guides Association) as a Professional Interpreter. These certifications have complemented his photography business & enabled him to offer experiences further from the roads in special places such as Lake O’Hara, Mt Assiniboine & Tonquin Valley. He has also now expanded into the Northwest Territories offering aurora photo tours as well as newly planned experiences in Tombstone Territorial Park in the Yukon & along the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. Nick lives in Canmore with his wife and son & is always looking forward to the next opportunity to be outdoors with the both of them taking in the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

Although it takes many years to become a skilled and professional photographer, not to mention the hours of patients you need just to catch the right shot, you will, without doubt pick up a lot of great insights into photography with Nick Fitzhardinge and enjoy a great mountain adventure.

If you are staying in Canmore with ‘Rentals in the Rockies’ and are looking for photography or hiking services, reach out to Nick Fitzhardinge at https://nickfitzhardingephotography.ca. Nick is dedicated to ensuring your stay in Canmore is unforgettable and will gladly assist you with all your needs in photography or hiking.

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