Canmore Highland Games

The Canmore Highland Games (Since 1991) takes place in early September.

The mandate of our Society is to foster and encourage our Celtic culture and tradition in all its forms – dance, music and sports, and to establish the Canmore Highland Games as an entertainment/cultural destination event. The Highland Games takes Canmore back to it’s roots. Canmore (English) From Scottish Gaelic ceann mòr (“big head”), the nickname of Malcolm III of Scotland. You can still see a tribute to Malcolm III on Main street Canmore.

Canmore Kid N Mutt RacesIt seems especially fitting to have a Highland Games in Canmore, as one of the first Highland Games known was organised by King Malcolm III Canmore (1058-1093). Held at a fairly flat meadowland (the Brae O’Mar) along the River Dee, this sporting event was used for a royal contest to find the swiftest and strongest man in the kingdom with the necessary stamina to carry Malcolm’s messages across the land.


Vendors, Clan tents, and Non-profit groups.

Market Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
We have up to 35 booths including Scottish and Celtic retail booths, clan booths offering name and origin information, and non-profit booths related to Scottish culture.

These retailers come from across the country to participate in our Games and offer a wide array of specialized Celtic products, from piping and drumming supplies and highland dress to art, jewellery, gifts, novelties, food and toys.

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